FAQ's: General Questions

  1. What do you charge?
  2. What areas do you service?
  3. What type of support do you provide?

What do you charge?

Except for Payroll, our services are billed by the hour. The rate is determined upon where the work is performed.
  • Services performed at our office ("in-house"), the hourly rate is $90.00 an hour.
  • Services performed at the client’s location ("on-site"), the hourly rate is $120.00 an hour.
For Payroll Solutions, rates are determined by the number of employees and/or contractors, and the frequency of your payroll runs.  Click here for pricing information.

What areas do you service?

For on-site services, we service the Metro Atlanta area.  For those outside the Metro Atlanta area, we can provide remote services utilizing our Remote Access Software.

What type of support do you provide?

Clients receive free user support for basic issues.  For more complex issues, clients are billed at a rate of $90.00 an hour. If any issue requires that an staff member go on-site, then the service call will be billed at on-site rates.


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